Raised in Drumheller, Alberta, it is easy to see how Warren E. Simpson developed his interest in Nature. One views the Drumheller Valley geology, layer by layer, in the time markings of the history of our planet Earth. Nature abounds! The valley area teams with wildlife and plant life of such a diverse contrast, that we are thrown into vistas of a desert, a prairie grain town, a fossil fuel energy center, a one-time coal capital, and of course the home of the dinosaurs. All this contributed in developing a deep appreciation of nature and all it’s power and helped form the artist in him.


Warren’s niche within photography is to capture the emotions of the animals and birds, and to demonstrate and display each hidden character within. The time is right for us as one of nature’s species, to come into a closer understanding with our worlds other inhabitants.


Reflections of the past captured in the photographs depict the natural course of nature. Frozen in "A Time", we slowly glean the human involvement revealed and then marvel at how nature reduces us to a "small time". Our understanding is that the most power still rests within the unknown. Nature depicts this daily – minute by minute - second by second; in its motion and change but always keeping an unseen balance. What we can do is to appreciate the experience and decide wisely as to how we will interact with nature, as we, are only a gift from,

"Our Dear Mother Earth".


Nature is harmony and balance on a grand scale.


Each person is capable of giving a gift for all to enjoy;


Warren's gift is a photo.


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